Using his immediate surroundings as the setting for an artistic quest, for this series the photographer slipped into various constructions in northern Spain that had been paralyzed at an unfinished stage (a limbo designated obra negra, or ‘black work,’ in Spanish). These unfinished constructions constitute a sort of contemporary ruins. The intervention serves to reactivate the space, generating a new reality in its interior.


The materials worked with in the series are the protective barriers of the abandoned construction site: wooden planks painted with neon pigment, commonly used in construction for its reflective qualities. The original barriers were displaced and reconfigured to generate balanced compositions inscribed in space, the individual components supporting each other in an ephemeral harmony.


Given the absence of any human references, the scale is impossible to gauge. This alteration of reality, empowered through photographic reproduction, fosters a change of rules, in which the imagination of the viewer assumes the central role.


These compositions recall the first series (Lines), but in this case the pictorial horizon acquires volume, being broken and distributed over space in a sculptural intervention.