This project starts from a particular vision of informal, affordable contemporary architecture: constructions generated in a free, unregulated, spontaneous way.


The observation, documentation, and study of these buildings has generated a diverse body of work. A collection of architectural forms determined by their own immediate context, captured by means of a documentary vision. An archive assembled around the concept of architecture and resistance, consisting of constructions in which a structural logic is combined with cultural heritage. An architecture free to represent in itself a form of resistance against esthetic or socioeconomic determinants, or which simply resists, in spite of having been forgotten or even scorned.


The photographs in this series undergo a range of different transformations: pictorial interventions, collages, and drawings that seek to decontextualize and deconstruct the buildings in order to abstract their forms and transform their basic structures.


The series as a whole constitutes a sort of architectural laboratory, at times even a cabinet of curiosities, in which structures and forms assume a central role. Rules disappear and the constructions take possession of their surroundings, freeing themselves of their complexes: elements normally concealed that reaffirm themselves through their own feedback.