This series was produced in the Antigua Fábrica de Tabacos de Madrid (Tabacalera), a former tobacco factory dating from the eighteenth century, whose structure has been consolidated without being completely transformed. Part of the building now serves as an exhibition space for contemporary art, while the two upper floors are closed off. The opportunity to dialogue with an immense open space, whose architecture is permeated by the memory of a proletarian past, gave rise to this series of light interventions.


The series was produced in the course of repeated nighttime visits to the space. In this case, the material chosen for the intervention is light, which projects simple geometrical shapes extracted from the architecture itself: squares, rectangles, cubes. These two-dimensional forms, torn from their origin, are restored to the space and combined with it by means of light, assimilating its three-dimensional quality. The projects illuminate hidden parts of the architecture, revealing certain details and offering a new interpretation to the observer.


The translation of these light interventions into a photographic format opens a new window, allowing the viewer to discover parts of the building closed to the public, while at the same time proposing an interplay of interpretations involving the projected forms and the building itself.